Tyler Klees

My name is Tyler Klees. I'm a father, a husband, a horseman and for many years now I've been running the Life Coaching Program "Old Soul Life Coach".

Dedication to self-improvement has always been a goal of mine. I always analyze myself first, asking the meaningful question of what is the best way to approach a situation in order to positively serve those I am working with to have the most profound outcome possible.

The pursuit of self-improvement has intertwined my fate with horses for the entirety of my life. Fully dedicating myself to communicate with horses from their perspective and also presenting horsemanship to others in a way they can discover that it is actually a journey to refining oneself, not the horse. This creates a sense of accountability within each person to strive to be the same person with a horse as they are with everyone, no matter the environment.

My teaching emphasizes the enhancement of one's own awareness to the perspective of the horse. Letting the horse become your teacher in order to move forward willingly together in harmony. This allows everyone to look within first, instead of looking at outside factors to pass off undesired reactions or responses. In return giving everyone the ownership necessary to grow forward together by working for and with others.


I have chosen the path of life coaching to help those who are looking for positive self-improvement. Using my experiences with both horses and people we can move forward together in this life no matter what the pursuit, for the core philosophy behind horsemanship is universal.
The process forward starts with becoming aware that change or refinement is necessary then following up with an outside perspective of positive guidance and reinforcement towards the life you truly desire. So let's not wait any longer, take action today and reach out! I can’t wait to learn and grow with you.


  • I have an equivalent to a doctorate in the art of horsemanship through continual self education, mentorship, and daily application through the entirety of my life’s work.
  • I have chosen to pursue life coaching based on the philosophy of life learning, continual mentorship, and past experience to best serve those in the community.
  • Through the philosophy of horsemanship I have been able to help countless people positively change to succeed with their horses and in their professional and personal lives.