Reflection (2017-2019): Gratitude, humility, and compassion

The past two years I have been living in Grand Lake, Colorado on a ranch pursuing refinement within my daily disciplines of life coaching, horsemanship, personal growth, and ranching.  The experience has been one that will take me many articles to try to capture the essence of how unbelievably transformative It has all been.  Three words that best encapsulate the experience I have had over the past years is gratitude, humility, and compassion.  In order to do justice to all that has occurred in each area, this reflection will be broken into 4 different posts.  

  • Life Coaching
  • Horsemanship
  • Ranching
  • Personal Growth

In each of the posts, I will be dissecting the maturation of the gratitude, humility, and compassion derived through each individual topic above.  I hope you enjoy my reflection upon these past two years in a way in which may help guide you through your own life!

For those people who find my life intriguing, relatable, or kindred in some way please continue to reach out!  The conversations I have had with old acquaintances that I have grown apart from, or complete strangers I have never conversed with before, have been really meaningful and beneficial.  Thank you to those who continue to reach out looking for honest conversations.  They continue to humble me through the unique hardships we have all been exposed to or continue to survive in!  

If I am ever able to put the reflection to rest, I will be going into a few focus points I believe to be of utmost importance based on everything I have learned up to now.  Just a warning, do not hold your breath for the release of any of these, as this is the most have been able to utter in clarity over 3-4 months now.  The struggle is real, but the learning is great and takes time!